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Quality grooming services for your pet

Our groomer is experienced and genuinely loves and cares for dogs as much as you do. Your puppies are in good hands with our groomer. When you bring them in, you'll clearly see the trust your dogs have with our groomer.

Our grooming salon is a full service one and caters to all breeds of dogs, so you won't ever be turned away for service at our store.

Pick and choose the services you want

Bring your dog in for simple grooming services including:

Haircuts for your pet

Spoil your dog today by scheduling a

visit to our full service pet spa

No hassle nail trimming

Brush and de-matt your dog

Baths and flea dips

• Haircuts and drying

• Baths and flea dips

• Nail trimming and fitting

• Ear and pad

• Shampoos

• De-skunking

• Brushing and de-matting

• Nail painting and hair dying

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