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A new look for your dog with safe hair dying!

If you're looking for a new distinct look for your pet, we offer the best hair dying service around for your dogs. Our hair dying offers the choice of over 15 bright and fun shades for you to choose from including lime, pink, and gold.

All of our hair dyes are completely non-toxic and will not bleed into your furniture or carpet. We can't guarantee color results since it depends on the dog's breed as well as its coat.

Get your dog's nails painted

If you want to have matching nail polish, we can do that for you! We use non-toxic nail polishes so your dogs won't get sick should they accidentally ingest the nail polish. We also do nail designs for the true doggie divas!

Hair dying for your dog.

Make your dog into a true diva

by getting its nails painted!

Grooming packages available.

Get your doggie's nails painted!

Tons of vibrant colors.

Dog in the park Brown dog holding a blue ball in its mouth. Dog getting his hair dried. Brown dog White dog in park doggie hair dye