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Get your dog nice and clean!

Has your dog been outdoors tumbling around in the mud and needs a good cleanup? Amanda will take good care of your dog and give it a soothing bath to get its fur all cleaned up. Baths will never be a stressful situation for them at our salon.

With our experience, we understand the need for the perfect water temperature and environment to make your dog at ease when taking a bath.

Give your dog's fur a great sheen

There is no knot that is too hard for our groomer to tackle. The bath and brush out package includes:

Soothing baths for your dog.

Treat your dog to a luxurious

bath that they will love!

Services for all breeds.

Full service packages available!

keeping your pet's teeth clean.

• Bath (Oatmeal $5 Extra)

          (Flea Dip $7 Extra)

• Brush out

• Nails Clipped

• Teeth Brushed

Two dogs lying in a park Dog bathing A group of dogs. A brown dog with clean teeth Running brown dog